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A. Question: How does Dr. Homes charge for services?
Answer: Most projects are estimated on a Lump Sum basis yet we also estimate certain types of projects on a Time and Material basis.

B. Question: What is the Lump Sum pricing based on?
Answer: We calculate the amount of time the project will take based on the hundreds of projects we've completed in the past and then we price in your estimate all of the labor, materials, fees, costs and profit associated with completing your project in a professional and timely manner.

C. Question: What is the Time and Material pricing based on?
Answer: We request a First Hour Minimum Cost Per Man on the project. We then request a Per Man Hour Fee for each Hour following the first hour is priced a little less as well is prorated to the minute. A $25.00 fee may be charged for any Materials pulled off of our truck is calculated into your final invoice unless more materials are needed, then we keep track of the the amount of materials provided and provide you with a list of materials used time the project will take based on the hundreds to thousands of projects we've completed in the past.

Building Permits

A. Question: Does my project need a building permit?
Answer: Any project that your City, County or Local Municipality regulates as needing a Building Permit will need a permit.

B. Question: What if I don't want to gat a Building Permit for my project?
Answer: It is illegal for a Licensed Contractor to do Regulated work without a Building Permit in the State of California.
Answer: If there is a later problem with the contractors un-permitted work, your Home Owners Insurance will not cover that problem.

C. Question: How do can I get a building permit for my project.
Answer: We provide Building Permit Services. We go to the City, Draft Plans, Speak with City Engineers and aqcuire Building Permit for you for a Fee.


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