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Recycled Furnishings and Materials


Have you ever considered recycling, reusing or up-cycling? Recycling is the future, our mother earth has limited resources, we have to see things in a different way and learn how to reuse, recycle and reduce our materials and products consumption in order to decrease our footprint!
It’s easy finding new and fun ways to reuse objects which you would otherwise recycle or throw away. Lately Dr. Homes has been asked where we get our unique home furnishings. Would you be surprised to hear that we shop flea markets, antique shops and garage sales? Well we do. In our quest to become a green build professional it just seemed right. Turns out it's also fun and creative.
Not only does Dr. Homes reuse home furnishings but we also reuse building materials. This is possible through the deconstruction of a home rather than the demolition of it. And boy what a bounty you can harvest from deconstructing a home, wood, doors, windows, hardware and bathtubs to name just a few. By choosing deconstruction instead of demolition, you not only preserve scarce landfill space, you guarantee that good reusable materials get a second life.


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