Warranty Policy

Warranty Service

If Dr. Homes has provided you with our services in the past and your project is currently experiencing a warranty issue and is still under warranty, please contact one our office locations.

You may also email us an explanation of what you are experiencing with your project to

We appreciate your business and look forward to successfully resolving your warranty issue.

Warranty Policy

Dr. Homes Inc. offers guarantees for new work furnished on your project against defective construction or workmanship for a period of One, Three and Ten years following the completion of your project (depending on the type of project).

Buyer may purchase, at his or her discretion, additional warranties' for workmanship and materials. Damage caused by conditions beyond our control, such as Acts of God, water, moisture, mist, wind, severe heat or cold, ice, earthquakes, electro-static, salt corrosion, vandalism, settlement of buildings, negligent Acts of the Buyer or any/all of their agents, etc., will not be covered. Walks, slabs, brick, block and stone work (masonry walls and work) are NOT guaranteed against normal cracking, checking, raising, settling, or discoloration.

Dr. Homes Inc. may not be able to Guarantee that certain roof leak repairs will stop your roof from leaking all together due to the fact that your roofing system’s integrity is breaking down and the lifespan as well as the original installation techniques of your roofing system are unknown to Dr. Homes.

Dr. Homes Inc. Parts & Materials Warranty: All new products/materials installed will be applied according to the written specifications and consistent with appropriate Manufacturers requirements and standard and acceptable construction practices. All manufactured equipment or products installed as provided for in our agreement carry the manufacturer’s warranty only. Dr. Homes does not directly provide or service third party warranties or guarantees on products or services. Buyer will be directly responsible for identifying, registering, maintaining and managing said warranties or guarantees.

Dr. Homes guarantees and warranties are effective only if Buyer has complied with all Terms and Conditions, payments, and other provisions of our agreement. Where Buyer has work performed by others that is not provided for in our agreement, Dr. Homes shall not be held liable for such work or for loss or damage, if any, which may result there from.

Dr. Homes Return Policy: No returns on special order items, promotional items or custom mixed paint. Installation constitutes acceptance of our product and service. No returns or credit provided for used product. Dr. Homes may charge a 25% restocking fee on certain products/materials that the original vendor may charge to us.

Dr. Homes will investigate all warranty or refund matters that may arise with our clients. In the event the cause of the problem is not due to defects in materials or labor provided in our original agreement, Dr. Homes may have the right to charge for said repairs.


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